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        Fujian province Anxi County Dragon billion ancient wood carving factory, located in Chengxiang Anxi County of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province town of Tak Beiyuan Industrial Zone Holly Village Central depot. Wood carving factory was founded in 2008, is a wholly owned enterprise. Enterprise is the predecessor inMalaysiawas founded in 1997 in Malone billion ancient art culture Co. ltd.. The factory to undertake major construction and renovation projects at home and abroad of the garden, temple, temple, production and sale of antique gardens, temples, ancestral home, restaurants, apartments, etc. at the same time, the European ancient carving art.

        The factory by five start processing from the rental of more than and 200 square meters of houses site, Anxi County People's Government in support of the development of the park has 10 acres of self built, existing China around the high technology product research and development, wood carving master technicians, design technicians and production staff of more than and 100 people.

        The factory is in line with the business philosophy of "inheriting the tenon and mortise, dare to innovate, quality first, credit first", the project is completed on time, the products are delivered on schedule, and the goal of win-win between customers and manufacturers is realized. Products are mainly based on artificial carving, mainly sold toMalaysia,Indonesia,Singaporeand other Southeast Asian countries,Taiwanand the provinces.

        The main results are: the construction of factories abroad Malaysia setapak "Gao Lin Palace", Taiwan Chiayi "Tianfu" construction of the main domestic generation: the "Anxi academy", "sea cultural corridor".

        The factory will be committed to the future of the ancient building project design, development, production, construction and integration, for five years to develop into a leading enterprise in the same industry.

Fujian province Anxi County Dragon billion ancient wood carving factory